Simone Immler – PI
Simone is Professor of Genetics and Reproduction and is interested in all aspects of evolution, genetics and reproduction.

Michael Scott – Affiliated Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mike uses theoretical and empirical approaches to study the consequences of haploid selection for mating system evolution and beyond.
Jean-Charles (Johnny) de Coriolis – PhD Student
Johnny is interested in the role of germ line-soma interactions for organismal ageing using zebrafish as a model.
Daniel Marcu – PhD Student
Daniel is interested in identifying genes under haploid gametic selection.
Alice Godden – Postdoctoral Researcher
Alice is looking for signs of haploid selection in the genome of zebrafish.
Marco Graziano – Postdoctoral Researcher
Marco is studying the role of haploid selection in the interaction between male and female gametes.
Jayme Cohen – PhD Student
Jayme is interested in mechansisms that enable the maintenance of genetic variation in genes expressed at the haploid stage.
Sara Irish – PhD Student (co-supervised with Alexei Maklakov, UEA) Sara is interested in exploring the reasons behind why ageing has evolved by combining both experimental and field research techniques in C. elegans.
Berrit Kiehl – PhD Student
Berrit studies the effects of environmental conditions experienced by males on small RNA profiles in sperm.
Anastasia Bezrucico – PhD Student (ERC funded)
Anastasia studies haploid selection in mammals including humans
Justin Abi Assaf – PhD Student (Wellcome Trust Edesia DTP)
Justin is studying the effects of nutritional fibre on gut microbiome in the context of inflammation and ageing


Andreas Sutter (postdoc) – now a data scientist at the Norfolk County Council

Ding He (postdoc) – now a Marie Curie postdoctoral Fellow at Copenhagen University, Denmark

Willian Silva (PhD student) – now a post-doctoral Researcher at Lund University, Sweden

Hwei-yen Chen (postdoc) – now a Marie Curie postdoctoral Fellow at Copenhagen University, Denmark

Susanne Zajitschek (postdoc) – now Lecturer at Liverpool John  Moores University, UK

Bart Nieuwenhuis, Assistant Professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany

Khriezhanuo Nakhro (postdoc) – now a Postdoctoral researcher at the UNIST, South Korea

Ghazal Alavioon (PhD student) – now a postdoctoral Researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden

David Murray (Research technician) – now a Researcher at the Norwich & Norfolk Hospital, UK

Cécile Jolly (postdoc) – now researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden

Constance Nebendahl (postdoc) – now a Researcher in a German fertility clinic

Roy Francis (postdoc) – now Bioinformatician at NBIS at SciLifeLab Uppsala, Sweden

Marta (Promerova) Burri (postdoc) – now Researcher at Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany

Cosima (Hotzy) Hermans (PhD student) – now a data scientist at the Swedish company Vattenfallen

Aivars Cirulis (MSc student) – currently doing a PhD at Lund University, Sweden

Andrea Cabrera Garcia (research assistant) – is now doing an MSc at Linköping University, Sweden

Jessica Nettelblad (MSc student) – now working at UPPMAX as bioinformatician at Uppsala University, Sweden

Joaquin Alcalde (research assistant)

Berenice Villegas Ramirez (research assistant) – currently looking for a PhD position

Sergio Tusso (MEME student) – currently doing a Postdoctoral researcher at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany

Gil Henriques (MEME student) – currently doing a PhD at the University of British Columbia, Canada

… and many visiting students from all around the world. We always welcome visitors and exchange students!!