We are delighted to welcome Claire Armstrong in the lab to help us with her bioinformatics skills to get to the genetic architecture of haploid selection in animals.


Congratulations to Dr Ghazal Alavioon for successfully finishing her PhD on haploid selection in animals!

August 2018

We are delighted to welcome Dr David Murray as a Research Assistant in the lab to help us with the work on ageing and reproduction in zebrafish in collaboration with Alexei Maklakov.


We are happy to welcome Mathilde Durieux and Caroline Devaux from Uni LaSalle, France who are joining the lab for a four month internship to test adaptive values of epigenetic inheritance using C. elegans.


Our zebrafish facility here at UEA is up and running and the first fish have moved in two days ago!

Bart’s and Sergio’s paper on mating type switching in yeast has been accepted in Nature Comms – congratulations to everybody involved!


I just successfully installed our new lab web page.